My name is Karine Hunt,LINEcamera_share_2014-04-16-00-45-09

Nice to meet you. I’m 21 years old, born and raised in the wilderness of rural Quebec. A growing fascination for diverse cultures, especial east asian cultures, helped me come out of my shell as a child and fueled my imagination. I always loved school, especially for it’s social aspects, and have always prided myself on being a perfectionist.  Early on in school I received citizenship awards and was always eager to help others from an early age. I love interacting with children as I am fascinated with the sheer magic of childhood. A time when imagination is at it’s best and learning is limitless.

From early on in my life I had a passion for seeing the world and meeting new people. I’m fortunate enough to have travelled a fair bit, which has allowed me to meet some incredible people and experience diverse cultures first hand. I strongly believe that these experiences have made me the extrovert I’m proud to be today. I’m a skilled listener, creative thinker and enjoy working with others. The diversity I’ve experienced in my travels has taught me that there isn’t only one way of doing things.

I graduated from Massey-Vanier Highschool in 2010.  I graduated with a DEC in the Foreign Language profile  at John Abbott College in 2012. I gained much experience with one on one teaching as a tutor for both English and French through High School and English in College.

I am currently studying at McGill University as an English Literature and East Asian Studies Major. But, as of Fall 2014 I hope to be accepted into the Faculty of Education to pursue my passions of teaching and early development through the TESL program.


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